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WELCOME - Gail's Doll Face Persians Cattery





Gail Hull - Phoenix, Arizona


All my Persian cats and kittens are well cared for,  loved, handled and played  with from day one.

My focus is health,  quality,  and maintaining the high standards of the breed. 

The goal in my breeding program is to produce healthy, well  socialized cats, and to preserve the silver coat color, eye color and type that equal and exceed the Persian standard set by CFA.

Each Persian that I include in my breeding program has been selected based on their personalities as well as their show pedigrees.  

Our cats are not caged.  They are our beloved pets and companions and are cared for in the highest standard of cleanliness.





We had a little shaded golden female

She was born on April 24, 2016. 

She is now living with her new family

in her forever home in Chandler, Arizona

Go to available kittens page to see photos

 Keep watching for updates on upcoming litters.

Gailís Doll Face Persians Cattery is registered with the Cat Fanciersí Association with the name. . . 


Our cats are DNA/PKD negative.

I encourage spaying and neutering any cat that is not being used as part of a  breeding program for your new pet's health and well  being.

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